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Welcoming the Spring Cleaning Spirit with Open Arms

Are you ready? We are waving goodbye to the cold, still slumber of

winter, once again, as we begin to welcome the Feminine energy of fer-

tility, re-birth, renewal. Ahhhh the Spring Equinox is here to greet us with

its warm, longer and brighter days. The opportunity to embrace the Joy

in birds chirping or the tulips pushing themselves through the ground as

new season greeting us at our doorstep. The Spring Equinox, also known

as 'Ostara' in Pagan tradition is arriving in the Northern Hemisphere.

This date marks the start of the Spring season representing the start of a

new year in some cultures and astrology. On a spiritual level, it is a new

time of growth mirrored in Mother Nature as you see the breath of life

again as she sprouts and blossoms. Just before the Equinox, we will

move into the Full Moon in Virgo on March 18th. Now is the time think

about how you can transform your home and release what no longer is

needed for the coming months ahead, now is time to focus.

Spring Cleaning

Cleaning carries the energy of rebirth and renewal. It is common practice

for a pregnant woman to begin what is called “nesting” just before the

birth of her child.

The definition of nesting is a burst of energy a women gets in the last

few weeks of pregnancy that inspires them to clean and organize the

house in preparation for baby's arrival. This is an instinctual drive that is

prepping for the birth of something and Spring Cleaning mirrors this in

preparation for the birth of Spring.

“To welcome this refreshing + nourishing energy of a new season, we can

cleanse our spaces to bring balance and make room for new beginnings! “

Getting to the Core with Dust Bunnies

Your Spring Cleaning is the time to sweep and clear away winter’s ac-

cumulations of dust and grit. Dust is a mixture of dead skin cells, hair,

clothing fibres, bacteria, dust mites, dead bugs and bits dead of bugs, soil

particles, pollen, and microscopic specks of plastic. This dust has accu-

mulated from the beginning of the colder weather’s onset when we begin

to shut the windows and doors. Trapping in all that dust. Adding to the

problem when the doors and windows are closed, there is less moisture

in the air indoors and the drier air creates and drier skin, adding to the

dust problem. When addressing the spaces that need dusting make sure

you include areas such as the ceilings, upper corners of the rooms, light

fixtures, ceiling fans, underneath beds, behind furniture and around win-

dows. You are now making your home feel brighter and bigger which

creates new positive energy as you open to the possibility this new sea-


Refresh Your Curb Appeal

Your porch and entrances can take a real beating during the long winter

months. Begin with good sweep, then wash down the front and back of

all doors. A good clean out of your winter urn is a must. Stand on the

sidewalk facing the front of your walkway and porch and take a hard

look. Without excuses, notice what needs to be repaired, replaced or re-

newed? Where are the dings in the paint? Address what needs touch

up. Is this the year for a fresh coat of paint anywhere? Your front, side

or back entrance are where you first lay your eyes on your space when

you come home. Think about you want to feel when you walk up and

enter your home. Spring is a great chance to inject a refresh. Add a

new welcome mat.

The Eyes of your Home

Glistening windows will make your house more aesthetically pleasing, re-

moving grit and grime that builds from snow and sleet changes the ener-

gy. When you clean your windows, you remove any negative energy.

Just the simple task of cleaning and opening up the windows to let fresh

air in, cleanses your home in a matter of minutes. Opening windows re-

moves toxic fumes, bad smells. Disinfecting surfaces also rids your

space of negative energy so don’t forget the window sills. Window

cleaning is very important because it helps to remove contaminants and

pollutants that have stuck on the glass and have prevented natural light

from penetrating inside. Glass that goes uncleaned can become hazy or

stained and that will end up costing you in the long run. Maybe make this

your annual inside and outside window clean either by do it yourself or

hire a professional. You will have brighten up and brought in a clearer vi-


Spring Summer in Fall Winter out

The garage or your storage space in your condo is an extension to our

home. We may think that it just houses your seasonal tools, toys and

equipment but it matters. With spring in the air, changing out these items

by bringing forward your gardening tools, lawnmower and bicycles, mak-

ing them more accessible. With these in the for front, its time to look at

the winter tools and toys and put them away. Shovels, salt containers,

toboggans, anything winter/fall moves to the back of your storage. As

you are doing the switch over, take some time to see if anything needs

repair or a cleaning. Anything that needs repair, attention or throwing

out needs to be noted and done as soon as possible. Washing down

your garage, balcony or storage space cleans dirt and grime and will

bring in a feeling of freshness.

Embrace each new season as it brings in a new perspective, new

gifts, new inspirations and possibility. Happy Spring!

HouseCoach Anja

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