"I hired Anja to help prepare my house for staging. Her wisdom was so helpful. She was able to give me the advise that made the whole journey flow.

Her ability to tap into what is needed is so supportive. I never felt alone in this disruption.
Then when it came time to pack up the whole house COVID-19 isolation had begun.
I reached out to her and she was able to - from a distance give me the direction I needed to pack up my house. I was needing to split things up 3 ways.
With her guidance & check ins Anja was able to guide me through each room packing and preparing my 4 bedroom house. The only hands I had physically where mine and my 10 year old twin boys.Anja was there is spirit.

It was quite a journey but with the angelic guidance I received from Anja
I felt confident that I had a wrap a pack and a place for all of our things.
Even after moving across the province I am able to tap into her wisdom
as we get settled into our new temporary home.

I will continue to use her wisdom as I move through new spacers.
She is such a heart-centred person and so connected to the energies of the earth that I feel so trusting and grounded working with her.

Thank you Anja 😘"
"Anja is an amazing House Coach, if you are like me and are not sure exactly what that means,
it means Anja works with you to clear the energy in your home,
which happens in the most magical ways you never would have though of.
 I first worked with Anja to clear the energy in my Toronto home that was on the market but not selling. We had anticipated a one week sale which did not happen, and I was frustrated and tired for keeping the house in “viewing” shape. Anja came to my home, she asked intuitive and strategic questions about each room. She also asked me to write a release letter to the house, a goodbye letter so to speak.
To this day tears still well up in my eyes thinking about the beautiful ritual this inspired my children and I to do. I asked them to also write a goodbye letter and we came together to read our letters, shed some tears, and honour all that the house had meant to us.
I learned it had been an oasis for my children’s friends, I had been so focused on the “mess” all the teenage years I had not realized how special our house was to so many.  The house sold one week to the day of our energy clearing. I am forever grateful for the beautiful gift of not only clearing the energy but helping me to release something I did not even realize I was hanging on to – the house!
Anja intuitively guides you to release what no longer serves you and your family.
Anja came to my new home, in Bracebridge to clear the energy and help me set up my new home.  
She asked me to set an intention for each room.
I had never thought of having an intention for a room before this. I set intentions for each room, Anja performed the clearing and when my children came home for the first visit a few weeks later (they were both away at University) they ran into the house and were raving about how good the house, especially the living room felt, cozy, warm a place we so enjoyed hanging out while they visited.
That was the intention I set for that room!
She also taught me how to keep up the energy clearing myself.
 I highly recommend Anja, in all capacities that she works with. You will not be disappointed, and I am certain you will experience a huge shift in the energy of your home and yourself."
"Anja is awesome! She is intuitive, kind and comes up with so many simple and effective ideas that make sense. I made some changes to my bedroom space on her recommendation and
I noticed a positive change in the energy right away :)"
-Marilyn Penny-
"When Anja arrived she first wanted to see my house - check out “my space” - she quickly saw that I needed to move furniture around - free my space up etc.
Something I would never of thought of.
The big change wasn’t the obvious- purge this, donate that etc.
It was about freeing up my space.
Anja than started with my bedroom, and suggested
on making changes that had more to do with energy.
On my husband’s side of the bed, leaning against the wall, was a mirror,
which Anja recommended we put up rather than keeping it on the floor. Well that had to go.
For many reasons, we walked around the house to find the right spot for the mirror.
When Anja lifted up the mirror to move it to another room
behind it was an old photo of my husband and his ex wife!
Wtf! Yes, a photo that was once on his wall when we were dating but he never got rid of it.
Over the years it would pop up - usually in piles of other framed photos,
but this time it was behind this mirror in my master bedroom!
Well, it had to go and boy did it go!
It left with Anja that day to be disposed of wherever- I needed it gone.
I’ve always hated it for obvious reasons but it felt so fantastic for it to be gone
not put in the basement it other vast dust collecting out of sight spaces but GONE!
Now that was worth every penny!  
My relationships with my husband has gotten better, we are much closer."
-Lynn D -
"I had heard from a friend whom had recently sold her house
rather quickly after she had her home cleared by Ms Anja Lavigne.
Since I have purchased a property and prior to moving in,
Ms Lavigne was kind enough to help me with the house – clearing of old residual energy;
when we met, her jolly disposition quickly put me at ease and she somehow
was able to interpret what I wanted to get from this experience,
she was meticulously thorough with each individual room,
she took time and ensure each room / space was done well
and incorporated our lifestyle into it.
The very next day, I felt a freshness in the home, it felt like it was smiling at us.
We’re enjoying our new home that felt immense happiness
has been filled into it like a chocolate eclair.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Anja,
you have brought in the sunshine and smiles into our special place.
I highly recommend this and until you do, you won’t know what you’re missing!!
A Happy Home is a Happy Life!!"
-Michelle  Gladwin-
"I am sitting in my new home office feeling clear, focused, and ready to work. 
I had been feeling stuck in my new business for a while,
unable to effectively move forward with it.
I knew I needed a dedicated space at home to work from
and had an area in mind, but it was full of storage bins, bags, odds and ends
that had to be sorted through and dealt with.
I was overwhelmed by the thought of where to begin and how to make it happen.
I needed help.
After a session with Anja, I knew I had found the catalyst
who could help transform my small storage room into a vibrant workspace.
With her keen eye for order and organization and sense of style,
Anja was able to capitalize on the gems (windows and precious floor space),
while reworking existing storage areas (desk, shelving and bins)
to transform my cluttered solarium into a functional home office in a day,
it was amazing!
Anja was methodical, but always thoughtful and respectful
in helping me decide what needed to stay and what needed to go,
and once we determined what the essentials were,
everything fell into place so naturally.  
Thanks to Anja, I now have a wonderfully organized and dedicated
place to work that feels spacious,
energizing and full of light--I’m raring to go! 
Thanks so much, Anja!"
- Kristine S. -  
"Anja brought awareness, clarity of how I felt in the areas of my home, and gave me tools and tasks —that I took to open and change those areas where I once felt tension.  
She helped me to open up those areas and raise the vibration"
-Amita Sen Gupta -