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Staging Ideas to Sell Your Home

Need some home staging ideas? Sell your home in a heartbeat with these helpful tips!


Deep cleaning the house from top to bottom (and side to side) not only makes the house look bright, cheery, and welcoming, it makes it smell fresh, and gives the potential buyer the impression that it has been kept in good condition. If carpets cannot be replaced, engaging the business of a professional carpet cleaner is a very good idea, especially if the carpets are very old or there have been smokers, pets, or small children living in the home. If possible, replace old kitchen appliances with new ones, and if not, these need to be cleaned in such a way that they look brand new. A buyer may look at a rusty old microwave and easily conclude that, if these are the problems he can readily see, how bad are the problems he cannot?! Likewise, for limescale or those little nooks and crannies in the bathroom, scrub until everything looks shiny and new. Your wallet will thank you later.


Clutter not only makes a space feel and look smaller, but it takes attention away from features you want your buyer to notice. For example, that lovely collection of ornaments on your mantel piece could well distract the buyer from noticing the attractive hearth beneath, or the good quality of the plaster behind.

If you do not have an objective or critical eye, ask your most judgemental friend to come into your home as if they were considering living there. While assuring them you will not take offence, ask them to walk around your home and place stickers on anything they feel clutters up the space. Then put those things into storage to be cherished in your next home. Include as much as you can of objects you don’t use every day, it will not only help keep the house clean but also making things like floor space and shelves look a little emptier, showcasing how much storage space there is!


Remove any and all clothing from view. That jacket on the back of the door as well as toys or shoes should be kept hidden away in wardrobes. This will go a long way to helping your buyer imagine themselves in the space. Put all family photographs, portraits, refrigerator artwork and the like into storage, as well as anything that will remind the potential buyer of previous or current inhabitants of the home. That Tibetan Headdress you bought on your gap year may well evoke the imagination of the buyer, but not in the way you need to sell your house.

Create a Fresh and Inviting Atmosphere

As mentioned above, scent is extremely important. The home needs to smell and feel fresh. After thorough cleaning, it is important to cover any stubborn odours or smells we have simply gone ‘nose-blind’ to. If you’re not a fan of chemical freshness (these can be allergic triggers to those with migraines or asthma) then natural air fresheners can be made using essential oils, such as orange blossom, mixed in water and sprayed in the middle of each room of the house and on fabrics. Lemon juice can be used to clean your sink and eliminate any odours coming from the drain or garbage disposal.

To create a feel of freshness, neutral-colored walls are best, and add greenery for pops of colour. A few potted plants freshen and liven up a space without adding personalisation. If you already have a lot of indoor plant-life then spread it evenly through the house, making sure to cut off dead leaves or remove plants that are dead or looking that way. Make sure existing plants are clean and dust free.

Remove any trash or dirty dishes before each person views the home. It’s not about being real it’s about creating an environment someone can imagine their happiest moments in, baking with the kids, having friends over for dinner, relaxing on the sofa with a glass of wine, not the chores they might have to do.

Maximise Functionality

One thing every buyer is looking for is usable space. Show by staging just how to make the most of your home’s square footage. How you do this will be specific to your property. Can an attic be transformed into another bedroom or kid’s hideaway? Could a basement me made into an office, small home gym, or entertainment centre? Could a wide window ledge or alcove have an attractive and comfy-looking cushion placed in it, so the buyer can imagine themselves there? You know that room or closet you have for things that don’t belong anywhere? Put the stuff in storage and transform that space into a little craft room, or a closet full of clean, fresh, fluffy towels! Put in closet lighting and small lamps or candles in dark corners, making the space feel larger and more inviting at the same time.

With just these few easy principles and tips (and a little elbow grease), a home can be staged for sale without spending a lot of money. Work smarter, not harder, and sell your home in a flash!

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