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Energy Clearing Your Space

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2Hrs for $250.00

  • Lack of energy, tiredness, feeling blocked

  • Create sacred space for your spiritual growth

  • Feeling blocked in romance, career

  • Create a breakthrough in your life

  • Stimulate business success

  • Something just feels "off" and your not sure what

  • Difficulties with Clearing Clutter

  • More easily sell your home

  • Unhappy experience living in the space

  • Once you've moved into your new home

  • Support health and vitality

Energy Clearing is a rebirth of an ancient tradition. Houses are not just rooms, they are receptacles for vibrating unseen energy fields which respond to human thought and intention. There are times when a home or workspace just doesn't feel right. It is hard to explain it because it is easier to feel and sense it. It , could also be stagnant, anxious, and depressive.

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These invisible energies can be brought in through our influences or already has been in the space. We can hold on to difficult past experiences that can weigh us down which can turn the weigh the room down. This keeps you from living your highest potential!

This ceremony is both powerful and uplifting. Together we begin with setting the intention as I arrange the blessing tray, followed by a personnel meditation for you and your home. I then walk through the home/workspace to purify, cleanse and break up stagnant energy with scare sound and cleansing tools.


At this time I guide you to some valuable exercises. We close the session by walking through the space together with a Mudra that is specifically chosen for your Home

I can't rave enough about my experience with Anja. She came to my home for the first time and it felt like I was welcoming a dear friend. Anja helped me get out of a funk I was feeling after going thru something very sad. I am loving and enjoying my home again. I have more energy and feel a lot happier. Everyday I wake up with a positive attitude and live day by day with gratitude. 

Zarla P 

Anja knows intuitively how to bring out the emotions, feelings, and history of the space and then clears it and infuses the rooms with prosperity and abundance. I feel more connected to my home now than ever!

Sandy E

My house was not selling and I was feeling very anxious, as the market was changing. I found Anja online and quickly we booked a session. Through the process of clearing she connected that the house was sad that the family was leaving, and didn't feel appreciated even though it was staged beautifully. Within 1 1/2 weeks, the house sold & we have a new appreciation for all the wonderful memories.

Amanda P

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