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Decluttering Your Home

What’s stopping you from decluttering your home?

Maybe you hold everything sentimental? Probably you think you can use them in the future? Or you are just too busy to remove those clutters?

A survey conducted by Budget Dumpster, 58.9% of their respondents said that they get overwhelmed with the idea of decluttering projects. Their top reason is they are unsure where to start.

Decluttering your home can be beneficial for your health. A clean and organized home can help reduce stress and induce relaxation. Some people become empowered because they feel in control and accomplished every time they declutter. You might also find a new space that would be useful that you never realized because of the clutters.

Whatever your motivation for why you wanted to declutter, let this article guide you on how to declutter easier.

8 Tips in Decluttering Your Home

  1. Organize the clutters according to their category

Before you start this step, make sure you have 5 containers to organize them. It would be best to put a label on each of them:

Recycle Bin- these are rubbish that can still be recycled

For Put Away- these are things that do not belong to a specific portion of your home, for example, a table runner in the room.

·For Donations - things than are still in good condition but you no longer need

·Rubbish- things that cannot be recycled

·For Repair- things that are useful but need to be repaired

2. Convert the space under the stairs into storage

You can put cabinets under the stairs as storage for shoes, sports materials, mops, and maybe umbrellas or anything you wanted and needed storage.

3. Maximize your walls

You can make use of the space in your walls by installing racks or cabinets to organize your things. You can use racks to organize your kitchen wares such as pans, casserole or mugs, and other electric appliances. For bathrooms, you can install cabinets to store all your stock for shampoos, soaps, towels, pads and bathroom cleaners, and many others.

This way, they are neatly hidden.

4. Purge some unused clothing

Be honest about yourself when doing this. Try to look at your clothes and try to remember when was the last time you used them. Ask yourself afterwards, “Will I wear this again?” If not, then, might as well put it in the container for donations. This way you did not just declutter but also helped someone in need.

5. Try to make your working space paperless.

Sometimes we cannot avoid bringing home the unfinished works from the office. This results in piles of paper in our working space. Try to look at the papers one by one and determine whether they are important or not. Shred all paper that is no longer useful. Put away all other paper/s in a drawer for a cleaner and clearer working space.

6. Remove unnecessary toiletries

As we get older, we tend to use fewer toiletries. Find some time to run through your toiletries and determine what products you will use daily. Retain those and throw away or donate those you don't need.

7. Get inspiration from pictures of a minimalist lifestyle.

Sometimes because of our emotions, we impulsively buy things we thought we needed, but in reality, we don't. Try to get inspired by a minimalist lifestyle.This way, you are not only minimizing clutter, but also you can have more financial freedom.

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