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This package is dedicated to the three most powerful rooms in your home.


Focusing on functionality, design and energy, we will work together to establish what each space needs and what no longer serves it.


With a checklist on hand, we will identify areas of change while factoring in timelines, budget and household needs, to offer you more clarity and understanding of the living space that you love.


Taking on these primary rooms and giving them the attention they deserve will catapult the redesign of your home and inspire you to apply the same concepts to the rest of your space. 

First Impressions

You open the door and are greeted. Coming in from the outside hustle and bustle of outside chaos, this is your first impression. What you see when you walk in represents the relationship you have within.


No matter the size, this is the first place you lay your eyes on. Set a stylish tone for the rest of your home. 

Gourmet Kitchen

The kitchen has been called the "heart of the home," and with good reason. Here we are nourished, provided for and entertained. Feeling that there is not enough space can be daunting and overwhelming. An untidy and disorganized kitchen makes it hard to nourish yourself and others, on both physical and metaphysical levels.


Having a feeling of ample bright space give clarity & good reason to come in and whip your favourite recipe. 

Bringing in the luxury it deserves

This room is for sleeping & intimacy, and should function as place of renewal, a retreat for self and relationship connecting. The Master Bedroom is usually the forgotten room with after-thoughts & somewhat neglected. Clutter in the bedroom is enervating & unrestful. If you feel "wired and tired," creating order out of chaos in this most personal space can help you relax and let go of the stress of the day.


Why are so many people attracted to high-end hotel suites? Bring in the Wow Factor that say self indulgence!

Half-Day Session (4hrs)
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