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Love the space you are in now!

Striving to be happy and positive in our day to day life is a constant goal for many.

We make life adjustments to bring in the optimal feelings of happiness. How

conscious are you when it comes to being in love with your space? Do you think

much about creating a positively energetic spaces within your home? Are you

aware that you create the atmosphere you are living in? The home you are living

in right now, can you in fact be sabotaging that very emotion unconsciously.

With the current is housing market issues, you might not be living in the space you

have imagined and moving to the next level of your desired abode may not be that

simple. You may feel there is not enough physical space; maybe you are raising a

family in a Two- bedroom condo or a young adult still living at home with your

parents. You may feel that your home is not in a your desired community or there

is a real need of a renovation such as new kitchen; as your cabinet doors are

falling off but there are no funds to do a renovation. Any of these scenarios can

create feelings of frustration, envy, overwhelm, resentment and anger. It is so

easy to slip into negative emotions since you are in this environment constantly and

reminded of what isn’t working for you. Being in a negative state clearly won’t

change your situation and isn’t healthy. The energy from constantly feeling these

emotions can also lead to depression. When you are feeling stuck there is usually

an overwhelming sense of ‘being here forever’ which spirals you further into

negativity. If you can’t upsize, move or change your exisitng cabinetry or

bathroom, you can change your mindset. This one small change can make a huge

difference. Instead of feeling stuck create a happy atmosphere in the home you

are in now. This will change how you view your space and bring in more love,

lightness, harmony and peace. Vitality begins within and needs to be infused with

what it surrounds us. Here are some simple things you can do in your home that

will raise a positive vibe.

Give Gratitude

We are one with our living space . When we respect our space, show love by

keeping it clean, clutter free and not ridiculing it or speaking in the negative (look at

these awful cabinets!) you will find your space really has your back and you will

that there is an ebb and flow. Creating a spiritual sanctuary in our space allows for

the flow of peace and tranquility and will really aid in you enjoying and loving your

current home.

Write a gratitude letter of all the things you do love about your home. Ask yourself

what attracted you here in the first place. This will remind you of your original

desire and will take you back to the time when you were excited to move there.

Most probably you won’t be in your existing home forever, but for now appreciate

and respect the home you are in. Bring in joy, laughter and community. Think

about having gatherings of friends and family.

Meditate and ask your home what it is saying? Really connect. Does your space

reflect your philosophy, style, personality? when you entertain can your friends

and family say yes this fits you perfectly? If not, make some small changes like

moving some furniture, rearranging pictures or moving trinkets.

Make A Plan

You are here now, maybe not forever but for now this is your palace. Why not

enjoy the space you are in now and at the same time create some goals for your

future new space. Let’s begin with the home your are living in now.

Identify what is working and make a list of the pros and cons. Perhaps your current

home is allowing you have disposable income because you are living at home, a

smaller apartment with low rent, or the commute to work is under thirty minutes.

Perhaps you have low maintenance fees because you are a tenant or you love

the parks and shops all around you and your home is quick to clean. Next, make a

list of what you feel is not working for your home to be the sanctuary you desire.

You could include the need for more space, privacy or not wanting to deal with a


Make Your Space feel Bigger & Happier

Here are some simple tips that can aid you in making you feel more positive in your

space now.

1. Double up on your furniture item. For example; use a coffee table that also

has storage. A pull-out couch is great for overnight guests, or if you live in a

studio space, bedroom at night , living room by day.

2. Make it feel bigger. De-clutter and clean. Cleanliness is so critical, you can

live in a palace but if it isn’t clean you don’t want to be in it. Often we aren’t

aware of what a unsweep floor feels like until we actually sweep it. Make

note of your before and after feelings. You will be amazed. Declutter,

clothes and things that you don’t use. We often say “I will use this some

day” and more often than not, ‘some day’ never arises and we find

ourselves eventually parting with the article we have clung onto for five

years living with clutter unnecessarily. Once your home is clutter-free and

clean you will most certainly feel a lightness.

3. Get it off the floor ! Clear as much from your floor, the more floor space

you reveal, the larger you space will feel, in fact, you will instantly have a

feeling of more space. Mount your television on the wall, use closet

organizers, wall mount a fold-out kitchen table and get creative with


4. Brighten it up! Use mirrors and add lower lightening throughout your space.

We usually avoid dark rooms and by lightening up your space, you will feel

happy and excited to be in that room.

5. Create a chic space. You can use large large scale art on one wall with bold

colour or wallpaper. Or try an impactful carpet. Always remember less is

more it is impactful. Always have a good comfortable mattress.

6. Capture all your senses! Your sense of taste can be highlighted with a clean

fridge with good food that brings in happy memories from travels. Make

sure your fridge is clean and free of expired items. Smells of favourite

candles, incense, essential oil, baked goods and fresh brewed coffee can

really bring in a sense of comfort.

7. Set- up home zones. Set up specific areas in your home that

accommodate multiple functions such as; a yoga space, a workout space or

storing your gear in an ottoman or in a decorative basket. If you need a

home office, flank a console table that is desk height behind your couch so

that it is desk by day and side table by night.

Remember smaller spaces are also less expensive to run and more satisfying. As

they say, good things come in small packages. More importantly, Love the space

you are in now! "If you're finding any of this overwhelming, I have helped hundreds

of clients make their space work for them." Let’s connect.

HouseCoach Anja

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