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5 Tips for Creating a High Vibrating Home

* Get a Agenda just for your home

With everyone’s lives so busy having an agenda for focusing just on your home can keep you more in check with the goals you may have or new ones come through the year

1. Make a To Do List

Schedule 1 hour walk through your home & with the other CEO of your home, or maybe it's YOU. Grab your home agenda ( Find a set of blank pages ) and go through your whole home beginning with the front entrance ( have a timer so you can stay on track. if you have 6 rooms to go through than you have 10 mins for each room. You can schedule 2 sessions if needed. Eg. Saturday 1 hr & Sunday 1hr. this is to focus on what is working and what is not. Place out 3 sections on your pages

  • Remove- you can make a list or have a quick discussion on what is not working in this space.

  • Repair- make a list of what needs attention that needs fixing . Now put in your time timelines in when you want that repair to be completed and all the steps that are needed ( this can be done at a later time, eg, call the upholster/or painter, set a time, giving yourself a clearer vision on the tasks to be completed with more ease

  • Re-Design — What what you like to do in this room to enhance the style? Maybe it is replacing the headboard, than begin at looking at style ideas, furniture stores, get a understanding of price and set-up your budget, I suggest setting-up an area for saving the funds, you can say 6 months and keep checking in every month to see how much money you are saving, I like to use a special account and name it eg Empowerment Home Account

2. Throw everything out in your home if it is broken.

Keeping items that are broken and are not working can give off a low vibration and trigger emotions unconsciously. Get rid of stuff that is un-useable , it takes up valuable real estate space that is better served for something that is in use or just free space . example Furniture that has been stored for repair and has been sitting there for months or even years, grab your home agenda & Give yourself one more timeline and record it. Feng Shui philosophy believe that we should throw away broken objects as the contribute to negative energy and block positive energy coming in .

3. Schedule a deep clean every quarter Jan ~ April ~ July ~ Oct

Cleanliness is vital

schedule a deep clean at the beginning of each new quarter ( Jan, April, July, Oct ) your home will be delighted with the detailed attention. cleaning walls, baseboards, light-fixtures, windows, etc…. The areas weekly cleaning doesn’t get to time for . hire a crew of cleaning fairies or book off a couple days yourself ( you know it usually takes us longer to clean our home than a cleaning service). This is part of maintenance not luxury, giving attention to cleaning dirt ,grime, dust removes the low vibration in our home & creates a higher frequency

4. Create Luxury

Adding a bit of luxury to each room makes us feel good about ourself, bringing us joy and in a state of love, think of what small items can give you luxury. Put a fancy soap or hand wash in the bathroom. Add an updated look with some cushions and a throw. Put fresh flowers in a vase. Get some green plants. Hang up a favourite print, or finally get that one in storage framed. You could also try a gallery wall. Update with new bath & kitchen towels. Light a candle.

5. Write a Letter of Intention

A journaling practice specifically for your home can fast track your manifesting results. This is a life changing practice, energetically shifting pathways through the brain to the hand on the paper. You are creating action to new goals & desires. The relationship between you and your home are so interconnected. Begin asking yourself what do you desire for you in your home. Now schedule a time, find a quiet place. meditating before is great idea, light a candle, have your crystals around and begin writing. When writing, have clear intentions, using descriptive action verbs and descriptive adjective. Write in the present as it already is happening, not the future eg I will be happy when I have that new couch, rather I love sitting in my new couch, it feels so comfortable, it makes me happy when I walk in the room and see this modern style with ect...

Your are aligning yourself to your goals & the universe is listening

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