Anja Lavigne

Transform Your Space, Transform Your Life

Interior Design  -   Energy  -   Organization 

I've created a beautiful guide to help you on your journey to Create the Room You LOVE!


As a House Coach, I Specialize in Modern Day Alchemy, Home Organization & Energy Clearing to help you create a Supportive and Harmonious Environment.  


When You Clear Your Space – You Up Lift Your Life!


I will teach and guide you to move to the next level in your life. 

Did you know that everything has energy? Including our spaces.

By removing what no longer serves us we make space for new opportunities which allows us to skyrocket to the next level.


Working with individuals and families in their homes for over 14 years has given me the knowledge to create various steps to achieve

the space you love, aesthetically and energetically.

Giving you more vitality & allowing you to move forward happier & more abundant.


Do you feel like your home or work space is stagnant and dull?

This can make you feel out of balance, overwhelmed, stuck, tired and listless.

Sometimes you can become agitated and angry. 

This is why it’s essential to clear all items that no longer serve you.


We can add a balancing and harmonizing flow of natural energies in your surroundings to create beneficial effects in your life. When we cleanse the energy of your home we can produce a remarkable and positive change.


I help you shift the energy, change the frequency and add high vibrations in your space. 

Are you ready to create a high vibrating space?